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Friday, March 23, 2018

The University of Memphis "robbed" me of $100,000 in the late 1990's and i want the money back (One Hundred Thousand US dollars).

The University of Memphis "robbed" me of $100,000 in the late 1990's and i want the money back (One Hundred Thousand US dollars). You wonder why the USA has 'Mad Bombers' and 'Young Guns' shooting up in the school system well it's because the damd Lawyers and the 'higher education people' are Not responsive to the people that they are Already being overpaid to help. Yeah, the College Instructors and especially the 'Public defenders' are 'paid by the Government' to "Not Help" in any important matter but to just keep the sexy chicks coming in for Money (and some of those sexy chicks certainly do include 'illegal immigrants'/ and ladyboys; yuck). May God keep me out of jail because the big crooks robbing me like to suck human blood, every day, and obviously to $teal peoples inheritance.

Sunday, December 25, 2016

The FUND to Elect- Tharon Chandler

The Fund to Elect- Tharon Chandler ;

Donations support Open Government and Transparent Political Campaigns, Public Campaign Financing, and efforts to 
END Corruption in Journalism, Law, and Medicine.
Tharon Chandler will Vote to-
  • Stop Funding War
  • Improve opportunities for middle class Farming, Housing, veterans, food, shelter and social Opprtunities
  • Build 'Backpacker Hotels' for Veterans and Homeless Singles, in TN and every state of the USA
  • Prosecute 'White Collar Crime' at all levels
  • Support Charities such as St Jude Hospital and Ronald McDonald House
Please go online to find the 'Go Fund Me' app and see my page, and 
please donate $5 to $500 via credit or debit card.  All proceeds go to the needy, including myself.

Also you may simply hand me a donation at any time, and even list yourself as 'Anonymous' by your Gift.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Senator Andrew 'AA' Alexander, of Tennessee ?

RE; Andrew Lamar Alexander, Jr. (born July 3, 1940)
1 Message from Mr Tharon Chandler to the Tennessee Secretary of State , 2015
RE; William Tharon Chandler,  (born Sept 14, 1967 )
Friends few states are lucky enough to have had a public servant such as Senator Lamar Alexander , in view of partisan politics and a ´rotating Representative government´ as it was designed by the historical framers of our US Constitution and such history is taken very seriously by the curators of our government in Tennessee.  Notwithstanding the fact, as i believe myself, that Mr Alexander was USED just a bit too long as of the election in 2014.  He had served his time and it is a fault of the People of Tennessee and certainly the Tennessee government that someone had not been trained up , special enough, to have unselfishly run to win that seat from him ,  retiring him galantly from the feild of service rather than becomming so obvious a specter in the need for reform, in the need of Term Limits, and in the need for fair and honest Elections in Tennesee.  ¿ Fair and Honest, in Tennessee?  Let me ask you another question .
What if the former ´Secretary of State´ (as of the time when ´Lamar´was walking the byways and running to be the 45th Governor of Tennessee, and more importantly the´news men´ of the day were constantly trying to skewer his reputation , his identity , and his viability as a candidate by Always calling him  Ándrew´, in the public Press? (against his natural inclination and the way he had been known of by his oldest freinds)?   Would someone try and get in the way of that lad and tell him ´NO´, that his name is legally Ándrew ´and so they will hound him and confuse others about the race ?
My situation is one where i did well enough to survive with what i had (against just a bit of persecution from the local powers and some belittling from people far and away in Advantage of myself) and yet when i started doing some important things then some persons wanted ´to give the credit´ to someone else.  I´m afraid that Ms Marsha Blackburn NEEDS an opponent (for the 7th district of TN) but that She would prefer it be a Rich man from Memphis named ´William´ (so they could all just share the Secret proceeds together, among old freinds).  There is much, much more against ´fairness and honestly´ than i can point to right now but i understand what our government was designed to be and the dire, dire need of a good and honest candidate coming up in Tennessee .
cc, to Gov Phil Bredesen ,  cc, Secretary Tre´ Hargett, cc, Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn
cc, to Green Party Candidate Ms Cynthis McKinney ,  cc, Tn Rep Ms Barbara Cooper,  cc, Tn Rep Brother Moses Love , jr

Saturday, September 5, 2015


Is Marsha Blackburn Fair and Honest?

Well now as it is time for me to try and live instead of Die (at the hands or the decisions of cruel Republicans in USA) I choose to Run for public office in a district of TN and so then I will face a choice of content or strategy against the opponent , incumbent and in this case my top opponent will be Representative Marsha Blackburn.  Do I know anything really bad or dirty about her personally?  My answer to that question would be that I choose to focus on Policy , much more than on personality, with regard to political contests though here I must say that she has  a large  Advantage personally based on questionable (and cruel) political tactics. 

The ilk of Marsha Blackburn use cruel tactics such as Gerrymandering, partition of the districts to her electoral advantage and that of the wealthy against the poor minorities (against poor persons of color whom together would comprise an obvious majority of voters in the District).

In the Race for the 7th district I can't promise you as to what I could do if elected to office though I promise you we will resist the Unfair Advantage of wealthy and cruel republicans.  We will fight for fairness in a US 'Social Security' system that does not belong to them.  We will seek fairness in Agriculture opportunities and farm business for all types or people and all size of investment for the poor and unemployed.  And we will seek fairness in the electoral process for our candidates to be listed properly on the ballots and our votes to be counted properly in the elections . 

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Black on white Discrimination ?

From Mr Tharon Chandler on 5 July; to the most influential people i know; relevent to the situation.  Please read and consider what next ?
Friends i thank you for reading, when you do and today i have to ask myself,  'did i just walk away selfishly' in an Education program where i spent One Hundred Thousand Dollars ($100,000) of Federal Student Loan money in the late 1990's ?  That's 100 Thousand that i borrowed and spent myself, it is still due and owed by me to the federal student loan program; and i could have used that opportunity for so many different things.   Was it the fault of 'the black people' down in Memphis, that i was not let to finish the objective? ?  Was it the fault of the Ku Klux Klan ?  I need to say it because Memphis City was the obvious place to use my credential (and the only district in Tennessee i would have ever planned to work in Education).  And now the whole economy and market for jobs is gone down to the pit.
The MAT 'Program' at Memphis recruited me in, during the mid 1990's (with the objective of my teaching for some years at an inner Memphis school).  I was capable, provenly so, and I would have loved it; to make the money also.  I begged them at many times to let me start already; besides just substitute teaching, of which i was very good, but that is professionally dangerous and like working hard rather than smart.  Now, not only did i get all mangled up in my career quest but some other white teachers, willing to be qualified and work in Memphis schools, as recruited were MURDERED at proximity to Memphis, and in the end i must tell you that it was the fault of None other than Mr Vance Rugaard, of TN Dept. of Education along with some senior Members of the Memphis Education faculty because they were in the position of 'needing grad students' to fund their program but then they were not able to oversome the 'Black on white Racism' of the people getting paid to watch those class-rooms (UNQualified).    
The real trick in the end was to get that state license (and i had earned it even in amid much hostility from  my old home front, hostility comming toward the administration at various levels, and a teacher who came here knew about that).  It was Mr John wilde and his wife.  He was willing to try to go against the corruption and i wonder if he is still alive ?   I went to Nashville many times to get license, that i had earned and paid for (except for the deadly roadblocks near the end).   Does it ammount to Dangerous black racism and could that have been alleviated (and lives spared) by Mr Vance Rugaard ?   That was all 17 years ago but still they committed negligence that costs me and killed my freinds.  Was it the fault of Steve Cohen ?  I hope that each of those tagged here can get a chance to read this though certainly some are freind and some are foe.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Ballot Integrity and Access for Candidates

An important Note from Mr Tharon Chandler to the US Supreme Court; and to
Tennessee Secretary of State;  State of New York, Elections;  &  Legal Bar of Missouri
Regarding Access of Candidates for the official ballot(s)
Freinds, just as we now Demand that Everyone have 'The Right to Vote'  in our country now, (the Most important concept in the debate about 'racism') the same concept must hold true with regard of any/ every willing Candidate to be legally and properly listed on the election ballot (as they so desire and that they be identified properly there, as they desire).   In this quest for my own candidacy in 2016, specificly; i must offer an example from 2008 in Missouri, or,  'The time I ran against Roy Blunt'.   Our country is in a crises of election integrity even as some continue 'as if' normal.
Freinds, in my educated opinion, senator Roy Blunt stands on the shoulders of corrupt Lobbyists to include 'The Nation of Isreal' and the U.S. Tobacco giants / killers to include Phillip Morris Corp.  Further they are involved in 'Trade Deals' to solidify this mass murder and i know Two Sheriff's were mudered there in Missouri, when i lived there in 2007/ 2008.  Then, when i tried to stand Up for my country in the best and only way i could , by being listed as a Candidate (and a man for All People , there).   They took my money at the 'qualification event' for the Democrat Primary (at Jefferson City in early 2008) , strung me along in the proceedings and then they (Roy Blunt and secretary Robin Carnahan) promptly erased all mention of my qualification and my valid candidacy, months in anticipation.  Further they Lied and Slandered me down in the press records , falsely and need i remind you of the Two Dead Sheriffs killed at odds with them in 2007/ 08; and recently state auditor Tom Shweik; etc.  Freinds Roy Blunt is a dangerous killer (in effects whether without proof) and i must compete for my very life in attempts to gain any semblance of fairness and integrity and it really isn't about 'a state flag', anywhere ; it is about the Integrity of elections and inclusion of those willing help our country / those outside of just the weell fed Lobbyist Elites.
Freinds we are each in consideration of the history and the future of our beloved country and i know that the integrity of our future depends upon the integrity of, and access to our ballots and in people cooperating as they are , without pretention , without slander , and without being listed under the name of a rich man with a similar name; simply so big wigs such as Marsha Blackburn can raise and spend money from the Cigarette Tobacco Lobby , the Nation Isreal , and other killers .   My Name is known as 'Tharon Chandler' and begging the pardon of that rich man in Memphis named  'William Chandler', and my own father of a similar name; i am the only one running my campaign and i would hope that they wouldn't want to be me or to pretend they are any part of the same business (though i know i can never recover all that has been taken from me under the law as it has been).