Friday, August 9, 2013

A statement of Accounts

Tharon Chandler
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Charity, Investment, and A statement of Accounts , (in regard to year 2011 and now )
of Tharon Chandler on 10 August 2013 , in Davao City (name: William Tharon Chandler)

If any man seeks public office then a statement of 'The Budget' is of most importance . I am so Thankful to your Courtesy in reading and thankful to the Lord Jesus that I could help anyone and have a friend, anywhere; and outside of any official capacity . Though I did not initially seek public office nor any high status I will note that I had a good disposition for it, from the beginning; my being honest and well-spoken, a good reader from a young age and that, some others have tried to force me and some have tried to stop and some others have simply encouraged me in the right direction; as with a need to public service and political awareness . Certainly some have robbed me and in later years some people keep trying to pretend they are me, or that they are with me or helping me in some undisclosed way . I myself now have been living in the Republic of Filipines for 3 years and have travelled and have , (perhaps for the first time), been very much involved in giving ('charity') money to others and in buying gifts from local markets as to give to young mothers of hungry children; upon their mutual Request. Also I have purchased various amounts of building materials in places where people live in semi-permanent structures and where flooding and nature takes away . Certainly I deem some of my spending here as 'an Investment' though much more of it has been given away to the poor in ways that I never intended to recover, anything from it. As the Bible says that 'The Lord loves a cheerful giver' I assure you that I do not begrudge it and though I could never take it back I think it only prudent that I now make a 'statement of accounts' as to some of the places and perhaps the people to whom I have given . Such is important in realms where sometimes some people have helped me and where some others are always trying 'to take' some kind of money from me, unseen, as well as they pretend they are somehow 'responsible' for me or my living conditions . I am of sound mind and financially prudent body and my financial giving is similar to the following account I type and print as follows . To :

Bilawan Baptist Church , of Mati ; davao Oriental, in 2011 I gave amounts in pesos Php
50, 20 , 200, 100 , and 30 - for a total of 400 pesos Php,  and to the Family of the Caretaker there I Gave 200 , 200, 50 and 20 for a total of 470 ; along with many gifts of food to that community . And To Edwardo Tamala, a deacon there, I gave 30 , 200 , and 500 or 730 pesos Php . This amount is not 'all-inclusive' of my giving there and my charity to them far exceeds any claim they might have to my time, my money, and my life . I gave 200 also to the friend of Cesar de Guzman .

I am thankful to any of them that did help me in times of slack and I'm Thankful that my conscience is clear; i do not owe them any more . Praise the Lord .

This statement includes persons I met in 2011 and any relation or obligation to these of mention had ended in 2011 and in no way includes my ample giving to others in 2012 nor 2013 . I am always glad to help and always glad to have a True friend . peace

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