Saturday, July 23, 2011


After having visited all the lower 48 states (including Hawai'i but not Maine) I usually have a good time yet still could not get away from the sinister people whom are secretly poisoning me. Someone has been injecting something into my gluteous, in the middle of the night when i sleep, sometimes passed out after a drunken night on the town. I am usually not a 'sloppy' drunk though i am very tired after a lot of walking and beer and flerting with young women and often a big meal at a discount Chinese place. I am usually asleep by 9:30 pm and it doesn't matter how far i might go into the woods to sleep, nor even how close to home; the Killers can get to me and then somehow render me fully unconscious and inject 2 shots that leave a mark and an itchy lump; in either buttock. Es always 2 shots as looks like a 'snake-bite' with one of the 'teeth-marks' slightly larger and more itchy; thus part done seemingly as a reference to the fact that i am missing one 'eye tooth' on the top or the left canine incisor, in an otherwise decent smile (a victim of an over-zealous dentist many years ago as a young teen).

Now, it is not young teen girls i am seeking in my adventures around the country and recently on international treks, but 'Older' teen girls and young women; like the kind that every real man likes, unless he is a lier. I have wanted and sought a wife though in the process I like 'Island girls' and California girls, and southern belles and Northern girls. Perhaps it is an older, jealous women whom is persecuting me. Likely at least one of those is included in the cruel group as includes some small town big fat lawyers, some former governors, a jealous brother-in-law, a diabolical sister, a cold cruel father and his dishonest secretary and also his wives, and then my younger brother who makes an eager crony for a pseudo-significant mafia Don, in a small pond. It is with no tinge of Jealousy that i relate the information and i'd rather live without having to mention that part of it. Some business and some significant illegal business, only remotely detected by me, wants me to be the scapegoat, there. I have been gone a lot from the South and specificly from middle Tennessee, early and often.

It was time i visit Alaska and the trip was begun recently in one of the best and only seasons for it; July of 2011. I went alone as always. It wasn't easy to get out of Tennessee, again, and surely my best judgement is against returning there. It previously was some decent party territory or had some good people for a student to meet, like near the sororities of Vandy and U.T. Now the whole region is in decline, industry lost to overseas, agriculture suffering from severe weather and selfish management; there is little left outside status struggle and Gold digging. Alaska was on my radar not only because it is a U.S. state i had yet to visit but also on my way to go back to Surigao, Philipines; to chase some fine, face-book tail i had met before when i somehow had a round trip ticket. This time i might need to kayak across the South China Sea or anyway catch a 'slow boat to Shanghai', out of Anchorage.

There is a lot to learn about Alaska though i knew it is large and has some deadly mountain ranges even for flying over. I would come to realize the joy and beauty and comradery of the Alaska Marine Parkway, the ferry boat system that carries passengers and cars and motorcycles up the 'inner-passage', with a park-ranger aboard. I heard an old one say he had seen " 'rain-man', reindeer and it didn't matter what time of year", jeje. The inside passage goes through a long and beautiful ravine or glacial trough, with sno-capped peaks on either side of the river-like waterway.

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