Saturday, August 13, 2011

A Note To My Dad

A message to Pete Chandler; an Email from Mr Tharon Chandler.

Dad i always liked it when u wrote me a note and i knew that it was an important message. I still miss u all tho i have chosen to not live there but elsewhere. Now i want to tell u how i am doing and to ask for your help.

I am Tharon Chandler and i'm your eldest son, born September 14 of 1967; to William Pete Chandler and Katie Mae Buie (Chandler), to the best of my knowledge.

Many times over the years i have been doing Very well in life, for myself; tho it always seemed you never knew it and was being told the Opposite. Why would i choose to live up in under your footstool? It seems that upsets u when i don't come there and be the Failure You always said i was. It is a blessing to get out of that corrupt town and the path of that Mafia of Tommy Santini Richie Story Shirley Bailey, and you need to count that blessing for me as well.

The whole U.S. country and most of Lawrenceburg has gone down of financial depression. It is God's will i find better and if any man bring a child into this world; whether i am secretly the offspring of Bud Chandler or Harold Buie then the parents and the children have an obligation to the other, just as every Christian Brother has an obligation to the other. I am Now among better people and better opportunity to have kids than ever and BELIEVE ME, MY PEOPLE DO NOT WANT YOUR MONEY.

You need not castrate me in order to protect your nest egg for shirley and darlene. I need some of your money now; as if you ever plan for me to have any of it after your gone, because the people i live with now are very poor and they cannot be expected to provide for me (supposedly thye Handsome American). A man here (a Church Deacon and Good Citizen) would like for me to marry his daughter and i don't imagine theese people so squeemish as the Amish came to be (after your mafia got in contact).

I need you to help me now and i need you to Help Katie, financially with gifts of money. My plane ticket to here was recently $700 out of all i could get in the world, and that was a Bargain at that price. My bank account is overdrawn and it will mess up my direct deposit from social security if i can't bring the balance up soon. Please help me now as there myt not ever be another chance. If i go broke here i'm in danger of being killed and eaten by desperate outlaws, and i sure as Hell don't plan to leave here any time soon. The Church people i go with now are the nicest and best people i have Ever met.

Please help me and help your first wife now.
A note to Pete Chandler from Mr William Tharon Chandler, on August 14 of 2011.

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