Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Taxes ? what taxes

Feb first 2012;

In the United States ryt now we are enjoying political 'Debates' about our governments 'Tax Policy' (about whom should pay more/ less in taxes) in the need to balance our annual budget and to address the problem of our rising national debts crises (we owe $$ to China and Japan and now our President wants to borrow more from them, again) yet the pundits r simply 'pulling' for one side or the other (either the rich or else the poor) and are not 'explaining Why' or not going into any rightful theory about monetary and fiscal policy. I , Mr William "Tharon" Chandler; as an Economics major/ graduate (Memphis 94) had been involved in this discussion before and i will again offer the proof as to Why the Rich absolutely should pay more; because they get more out of the U.S economy; and that some of the wealthy should simply pay 'any' amount in taxes instead of not even paying anything they owe.

Everyone on the evening news; from Barak Obama to Robert Reich to Ed Shultz to Mitt Romney to Rachel Maddow to Shawn Hannity, has 'an opinion' about this looming debate, and some of them make some Good points without explaining Why that hasn't worked allready (such as Mr Eric Cantor elaborating as if 'expense costing' has not already been considered by CPA's working for the wealthy and also Ms Rachel Maddow pointing out that we have already tried 'subsidizing the wealthy' within this administration cycle) but I'm here to tell you that the wealthy should Pay More because They get the most out of The american Public economy. Furthermore it was Mr Mike Dukakas (while he was a Massachusets Governor and sitting in an army tank); was the one whom pointed it out so eloquently that the U.S. is owed Millions of dollars in Taxes that it simply never collects (from the Wealthy who owe it on the income they extracted from the people whom comprise the market).

If a man such as Romney has gotten wealthy in the Stock market then it was not a private Market where he simply did better than his wealthy freinds but it is a Public market where he made money via the economic activities and market contributions of America as a whole. Such men have made money by 'outsourcing jobs', cutting personnel and 'cheating' on their tax statements. Their accountants may Use 'Loopholes'; the current tax code has options whereby the wealthy can 'cost expense accounting' and thereby reducing the ammount they owe against the bounty they have earned in the US Public markets. But then sometimes they don't pay even that much and then the US TreASURY is afraid to go get it from them.

The wealth in this country Absolutely did not come from a few wealthy investors but from Millions of working people paying their fair share of taxes; in the type of jobs that have now been 'shipped overseas' by wealthy owners and such jobs have been earned by those that will do them better and more affordably. Some of the workers in the USA deserve to be those people again, and it must start by ending the tax-breaks to companies that have 'outsourced' our jobs . The wealthy should pay more because they have Gained more from the United states economy as it has evolved for them to use and then the US Treasury should hire someone with the guts to collect the taxes that those people already owe.

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