Thursday, March 29, 2012

Seoul Nuclear Summit 2012

To be in the city of Seoul while they just happened to be having the largest ever such meeting was amazing but not as much simply being in that city for the very beginning of their Spring-time season of the year. Seoul has got to be the most sophisticated luxurious and sexy city there has ever been. The men wear basic dark suits and drive sleek cars while the women show a lot of beautiful hair and long pretty legs in thin, colored hose.

The women of Seoul Korea are beautiful and somewhat similar to other Asian cultures though there they have been a distinct race for many thousands of years and pampered on that peninsula. See they get much better nutrition than their counter-parts to the North; especially since the USA helped them selfishly divide that country in 1950. They are an amazing and sensible and congenial yet selective group as humanly possibly. Many of their women (and some of their men) liked me as a curiousity but i wasn't wanting to play the game; that expensive game where they would have earned and taken my funds to the last penny in their expensive economy and where i probably would have gotten to have significant sex with just one of the best looking woman of my life; if i could have stood up to the challenge as it was so fatefully presented, this past week.

In the end i went down to Busan for a more affordable adventure, within their Republic, and then came back to the Fils for some real loving. Peace love and have a loving tomorrow.

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