Tuesday, April 10, 2012

South East Asia

From Tharon Chandler; 44 yr old American man visiting South East Asia .

Newspaper has always been interesting to me and never more than Today; here in the Philippines. The headlines today in papers to include the 'Manila Bulletin' and the 'Philippine Daily Inquirer' include articles about the 'North Korea Rocket Test', (pending a long distance launch scheduled for mid-April and forecast to land harmless debris among the philippine islands) and the State Politics of the Philippine President and Vice- President (Benigno Aquino and Jejomar Binay, respectively). As a man here visiting some local people and as a student, college graduate and a Candidate for state office in USA i am compelled to offer my opinions for the benefit of some in the USA , about the amazing events occurring here in Asia, and to offer my valid opinion for the sake of the leaders and any interested in knowing me here. In the end i'll tell you why i am in Favor of the people and President Aquino; against his rivals and opponents here and yet that i am also in favor of every sovereign nation, such as North Korea, to have the rights of Progress that other nations have enjoyed. As usual i'll tell you that i'm Against War and in favor of peace and human dignity everywhere.

It was Thomas Jefferson who said "I'd rather have Newspapers without a nation than a nation without newspapers", and i guess that's what seperates free countries from autocratic regimes. I myself worked for the Nashville Banner, of Tennessee, (in USA) from the time i was 16 yrs old (delivering newspapers on a rural route in Lawrence County). Yet, though i enjoy the opportunity, i keep in mind that all news is biased and that the press can be an instrument of dictatorship and indoctrination just as it can be used for positive education and liberation. Here, in passing i will also mention the local television stations and recent programs revisiting the 'Fall of Bataan' as commemorated on the Monday following Easter Sunday, here in 2012, as included dignitaries from Japan and the USA and included an excellent homage from President Aquino and the Philippine Honor Guard. It was a good practice and an excellent sight to behold. All Filipino Americans and anyone who loves the pinay as i do can be proud of the ceremony they staged on that peninsula this past Monday.

While this was viewing on one Channel the Vice- President of Philippines was on a different local channel and with a different message and, (though i have not mastered Tagalog) their is a rift if not opposition between him and the president, here. I'm uncertain as to how the office of VP is elected here but the adds and shirts i see on the street say 'Aquino and Roxas', rather, and i believe there will be a presidential election in 2013 though it seems very early, to me, in the Benigno 3 tenure. I have seen President Benigno S Aquino to be a man of Much Dignity, perseverence, endurance, and much compassion and good representation for his people. Even as there is said to be significant opposition to him among groups of the very poor (and i am usually much in favor of human rights). Fascism and class struggle are the largest prevailing sentaments here, as it long has been, perhaps more than anywhere else; and thus is the basis for the Aquino ;anti-corruption campaign that includes the current, ongoing, legal prosecution of a former Philippine president now incarcerated, along with the sitting supreme Court Justice that she had appointed within her tenure.

A large issue today is the split in opinion and whether the VP here is in favor of the Aquino anti-corruption campaign as it is now processing. I very much have to side with President Aquino, against the same style of fascism prevailent within the Marcos dictatorship (as supposedly assasinated his father and local favorite senator) and as indicative of the GMA regime; a fascist style autocracy and figure-headed by the sitting Supreme Court Justice here (a man accused of having property beyond his means as includes several lavish houses and condominiums around Manila and the Philippines Islands). I must side with the plight of 'anti- corruption' because my own life has been Ruined by fascist and lucre -loving Republican cronies working under the 'Marshal - Law' style of the Bush administration and local Tennessee cronies holding oligarchy Power. I myself have been been slighted in public elections (the most important charge being prosecuted against Gloria Macapagal Arojo) I myself am a victim of 'Election Sabotage' that was perpetrated by powerful wealthy Greedy incumbents that were in love with their own usurped power. It has been the same in every fascist regime among people whom Love money and are blinded by their own greed, as to all the people it hurts and good opportunity it ruins, just like they have ruined my life and the good i could have done for others (much good among people who needed and wanted me).

Corruption ruins countries and the perpetrators cannot see that because they don't have the mental building blocks to understand it. Fascism is a Trait; a human trait much different than benevolence and Love. peace


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