Sunday, May 6, 2012

Comelec is Spam ?

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 My copy of today's edition of the 'Manila Bulletin' (May 7, 2012) has a very interesting front page article about the Pinoy Election Authority in their wish to minimize the groups of "party list pretenders" as sectoral organizations that "do not actually represent the marginalized". To me this would be very important in attempts to really give honest election service to the populace and to the political 'party' representatives that actually and Importantly Do represent a portion of the 'marginalized', such as the poor whom truly Are Not being Actually represented in the General Elections; and where some very questionable groups are trying to 'split votes' and also to support primary opponents from a Different political party (improperly). This example (of attempted 'clean up') from the Philippines is very inspirational to me in causing me to write to You this morning about a horrible example of 'Election Fraud' that happened to me (a poor honest candidate in the USA) and was done by the Largest and most Powerful party officials and wealthiest Candidates of Missouri (in the 2008 primary / General Election). The happenstance defamed me profoundly, as it still does, and it is just one stark example from a myriad of abuse in the US Election system. All i had done wrong was to attempt to run for office in a place where some others have too much invested to allow honesty (seemingly). I can only hope you have a chance to read this email, that it is actually delivered amidst the hackers and intruders/ wrongful deletions of important material.

 The fact is that 'Big Roy Blunt', (and little Robbin Carnahan, of Missouri) could have had me accused of something wrong (falsely) and had me thrown in jail for the election season (perhaps a dank Missouri prison for a long time). That would have damaged my reputation and probably my health but then they did that very much to me anyway, thereafter. I was legally Qualified and 'paid up' to run in that race, I lived there in Springfield and was popular among progressive citizens there, and was campaigning with fervor and with a lot of grass roots capability. Then they simply deleted my name from the proceedings (from the list of candidates, online and in fact) while they put up a notice that i had been 'disqualified' (certainly a false and damaging statement). After that i suffered much physical, mental torture (more than ever, in life) and also loss of assets. She, 'Secretary Robin Carnahan of Missouri', perhaps did have one leg to stand on, in her wrongdoing, as The Election was still in the primary stage and the state election procedure allows 'cross voting'. {ie. It would have been a simpler 'win' for the Blunt Campaign to beat me in the General Election than it would have to beat the 'appointed' federal attorney running there then for the Democratic Nomination (7th Missouri Congressional District/ Springfield). The fact is that the people might have chosen me over the corrupt cronyism, attorney elitism, wealthy corporate greed, and cigarette manufacturers that included Roy Blunt, Russ Carnahan, Kitt Bond, and a local Sheriff.

 I didn't have anything against them, the political machine of Missouri and a former Fed Attorney previously appointed by Bill Clinton, but was simply trying to succeed in a system that was then obviously failing the People (and a Republican 'Whip' that then took our country in to an Unpopular War, in Iraq and Afghanistan); a US Election system that was failing to represent the Marginalized. They then ruined my political chances and my health and welfare was thereby put in Danger (and i certainly did suffer because of their acts). My only Option was to accuse them (of their obvious wrongdoing) and then Try to prove in a court of Law. Their point in fact was/ is that they are a lot bigger and Richer than me, plus they own the Missouri Court system. I could not have beeten Attorney General cum Governor 'Jay Nixon', (though i certainly could have beaten Roy Blunt in a fair Election.)} I say Let the Philippine 'Comelec' prevail; and let something so worthy in the USA give a chance to real candidates and not just the incumbent 'Pretenders'. peace

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