Tuesday, November 13, 2012

True Love Waits

Between sobs, Andi Eigenmann revealed that she and Jake Ejercito are no longer in a relationship.
Speaking on “The Buzz,” Nov. 11, Andi admitted, “Hindi po. Wala na po [kami ni Jake]…”
The admission came amid reports saying Jake’s parents, former President Joseph Estrada and former actress Laarni Enriquez, did not approve of Andi for their son, which was earlier addressed by the young actress’ mother, Jaclyn Jose.
“Hindi po ako sigurado [kung yun ang dahilan]. Siguro po, baka. Kasi dahil mahirap, I’m in showbiz, may anak na ako, baka nahihirapan siya, baka nagiging pabigat na sa kanya to be with someone like me,” Andi continued. Jake has returned to London the day before the interview to finish his studies there.
Whether Jake’s parents dislike her or not, Andi said she understands them.
“In all honesty, I never knew kung ayaw sa akin nung mom ni Jake. 
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[TC Say's: For God's Sake let me use this article from Manila to say that I have Never wanted any part of Custody of Any woman's baby or child and that the kind of people whom cause problems over any such questions are 'bloodsuckers' and Pimps (people wanting money from the poor natural father and some 'free sex' for 'protecting the interests' of the Mother). ]

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