by Wm Tharon Chandler on Monday, November 26, 2012 at 7:23am ·
On this day here, November 30 of 2012, they say that the now re-elected President will 'get back to work' with the new Congress , in Washington DC (though really not as much as planned for mid-January of 2013 here, i'm sure) . Even as so many opinions run hot about the problems here today and opportunities for the future of USA here now some people still ask for my own opinion or are maybe willing to consider what I say about it .

TC says : In my life and time i was Always willing to point to the possible 'solutions' for so many problems of the Environment and the U.S. Economy and that was included in many formal Education discussions; even while others could only 'reiterate' the Problems. today i too simply re-state the many problems of USA , here now , because i am not elected to Congress as Are those whom could and should be me more willing to help the masses of people here and elsewhere (even though i had tried and ran for congress, previously; and I probably will again someday) . Today some people can make a change and i will yet simply point to the change that is Needed .

In the United states right-now there are Many, many Homeless Natives ; some people who try to sleep in the bus station ; some young poor mothers carrying small babies as they sometimes beg for food. we have 'warehouses' full of young and almost healthy people whom are 'being used' by the people profiting from the homeless native population ; even while our president invites many more 'foreigners' to come here and work now and next year. I myself happen to like' foreigners' and especially all types of women but do You know how that the Other Countries Will not Allow Foreigners to come there ; foreigners like me and maybe you are not Allowed to come there and get 'Employment' and We are Not allowed to come there and Seek a Wife from among them . Not in the hearts, minds , and lands of others countries even though many of their people certainly do come here and work jobs , etc .

The USA needs to regain an actual 'Market' as other countries still have; instead of a propped- up giveaway to the wealthy and to the attractive of Other Countries . USA has high prices of everything due to 'insider trading' among the privaledged .