Saturday, December 8, 2012

Man is Couzin ????

Tharon Chandler
9:13 AM (0 minutes ago)

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An article by Mr William Tharon Chandler
Addressed to Mr William Tayloe Chandler, et al;
and to Editors of Memphis News ;  Los Angeles Times,
and Ozark Mountain Daredevils everywhere.

Title : Man's best freind  should be Cousin  ,  
or  , 
The Prince and the Pauper

In this article i want to 'Appoligize' to a man for any inconvenience to him in the fact that we share a similar name; (though i have met him Only once in my life, in Memphis TN, and likely will never meet with him again).  Let me say that it was a pleasure to meet with Mr Tayloe Chandler there at his office, (after i had called to make an appointment from my dorm-room at Memphis State university, in what must have been Spring of 1997 ).  Mid-town Memphis was a place  where he had a big building and a nice looking secretary, as I then found out for the first time in my life.   He was living in the lap of luxury.

In Memphis such luxury often comes with much arrogance as the social stratification dates back to the early slavery times and the World cotton market of Memphis.  He seemed nice enough and not too arrogant ; really .  It certainly was not my intention to point to any difference but to try and ease any concern, in my purpose for going to meet him.  Mr Wm Tayloe Chandler had been lucky in Memphis and in whatever his endeavors while i myself ;  Mr Wm Tharon Chandler from middle Tennessee, rather , was just beginning a long uphill struggle in what has been a deprived possibilty faced with my Good Attitude and yet is now soon turning dangerous for me .   Are we actually related , he and I ???

I'd say that he and i are only distantly related, (though we have a very similar name and maybe even look sort of similar) and that i Never wanted to be him and i have Always tried to make the difference Obvious in any matter ; in every matter of Identity and signature and wherewithal.  I have Never wanted to Pretend anything and have been proud enough of what the Good Lord Jesus Christ had given me,  from the Beginning,  though now that body and mind is being 'torn-down' by a terrible Mafia .  Do i blame him ?  Not that i know of .  Do i ask him for anything ?  Only to accept my apology and to ease his mind and his force if he has any plans against me . 

Peace, Love, and have a pleasant existance .

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