Thursday, December 20, 2012

American Homeless

American homeless Shelters ? A conflict of terms.

Maybe it is not the fault of the U.S. housing authority if I myself cannot find a young woman to bring here unto my mother's house, in Tenessee; for an occassional visit and possibly some love and marriage . Yet a man should have an other option . A good-looking healthy young man (45 yr old) such as myself should have the option to go out and find Employment , a female to love, and yes even a place to live but too many a native man has not this option because the resources have been taken by foreigners and thugs . In this message i want to share with you (1st draft only so far) information about the many bad homeless shelters across the USA that are rendered useless to a Native American, even while Billions of dollars in US Subsidy go out to 'human services' and even to cover rental units taken by foreigners.

Now, i happen to like 'foreigners' or i like dating all kinds of women, though i guess many others do also including wealthy Tenament Owners in Every State and especially san Fransisco. It is not just any 'foreigners' that usually mess the place up for me, but thugs whom have been living there for years and are maybe even on the payrol, in places such as santa maria and San Luis obispo California. Nashville is one of the worst in the Country, even though it is said that 'Vandy' is involved, there.

Though many persons working for a homeless shelter might be honest and helpful there is always one that is a lier, one to poison the food, and one that wants to fist-fight me for some reason. Still the worst is housing units being taken by foreigners, in the USA, and further their rent too often is Paid By The US Government .
signed by homeless , lonely , poor and unemployed;

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