Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Changing of the Guard ?

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Re : RIP Keith Westmoreland; 2002
An article By Tharon Chandler on December 20, 2012
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Now, in the wake of the Historic vote of the 2012 presidential election cycle, i see at least two significant 'Deaths' and they are necessarily well publisized . Though the Gentlemen i mention each were old at the time of their death (88 and 75 years of age, respectively as to what i heard) i cannot help but wonder about the possible 'convenience to others' at juxtaposition to the matter and whether or about whom 'a possible instance of obvious "misinformation" ' would obviously benefit in politics and social gain . A timely death for Senator Inoye and Judge Bork ? Timely for whom ?

Certainly i believe that some 'Deaths' are staged or faked in order to protect the supposed 'Victim' or distinguished Citizen ; (such as a Witness Protection Program), and that some people would be a lot more free to enjoy some different things if they did not have to carry the 'baggage' from their former career . So a supposed death, however unfortunate for others, might be beneficial to some people and even to the decedent. Of course the death might be completely normal and natural, in the case of those questionable deaths, as far as we the public would know. Alternatively it might be absuredly horrible for the victim and their benefactors; a prolonged sufferring, maybe an improper slander, and possibly a premature end to a system of work and progress for addressing their own goals and those of significant others. In the case of former state representative from Tennessee, Mr Keith Westmoreland, the questionability of his 'stature' came on quickly or was only recently under fire in the public press and then his profile in the public Press was Very Bad for a short time. It was obviously harrowing , damaging, and ended in a way that he himself would probably not prefer. Interestingly it came right at the time of a 'Changing of The Guard', in Tennessee; the Time that Phil Bredesen Became Governor and Tre Hargett would soon become secretary of state. Did they like Bro Westmoreland and the power structure that kept him in position?

As reality goes, representative Westmoreland, being a seasoned Tennessee politician was probably not any sort of 'innocent man'; being a long serving member of the state house as a ranking member of important lobbies and comittees. Probably he was engaged in some questionable perks whether it was ever as bad or he was as stiupid as it started to be in the Press. In some such slander Hardball cases the mean people want to make the suppossed 'Charge' sound so frightening that the matter of guilt is beside the point (sexual perversion with minors involved), so that it is supposedly so difficult that the respectable family is crushed by public noise of the alegations . Or they make it about a matter of 'mental health' that most of the Public cannot understand, really . Drugs ? i don't doubt that there are more crazy drugs available to the elite (and some questionable prescriptions to children), more than ever before; though i certainly do not participate in any of that .

How bout Bork ? Did the Republicans need him earlier and then find that it was getting way too expensive to get an attractive date for him, for the evening ?
Senator Inoye ? Had he made some potentially embarrasing mistakes in a prestigious looking career ? Did he want to ,alternatively, have a lot better time before he 'retired' in the public view? A changing of the guard ?
How bout all the other little people who never even had a chance yet are intelligent and are in the mind of bad bad sinners in political power ? humm ? how bout us ? Will I myself at age 40 something end up like Rep Westmoreland but 'Before' ever having a career ? May they rest in peace .

RE : By a Tennesee reporter in 2002: Rep. Keith Westmoreland Named Suspect In Second Indecent Exposure Case
    In Nashville, there are even more accusations of indecent exposure against Rep. Keith Westmoreland, (R) Kingsport.  Wednesday, at a 5 p.m. press conference, Metro police spokesman Don Aaron said that in a review of cases by the sex crimes unit it appears that Westmoreland is a suspect in another indecent exposure case.  Westmoreland was arrested last week in Florida on seven felony charges that he exposed himself at a hotel in Sandestin.
On Monday, NewsChannel 5 revealed that Metro police warned Westmoreland in March after witnesses said Westmoreland exposed himself to a motel located across from his Nashville apartment.

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