Monday, December 31, 2012

Nelson Chandler

Lawsuit-   January 2013

by  William Tharon Chandler, regarding
 The Estate of Nelson and Ruby S Chandler

     In order to better protect myself, my father and his property, in any regard to myself, and in order to better protect my own future, my reproductive rights and to have better life chances in the wake of my paternal Grandfather; (Mr Nelson Chandler, of Lawrenceburg Tennessee) and his Beloved wife , my Grandmother (Ms Ruby Smith Chandler; d.2006), I will file this lawsuit as 'against' the estate of Nelson naming also as co-defendants or executors of his estate being Wm Parks (Pete) Chandler and Morris (Bud) Chandler and also Joyce Chandler Johnson, of Lawrenceburg; this lawsuit against them to be filed by me with the state of Tennessee and the courts of Lawrence County, using a licensed attorney of name and firm to be disclosed later .

     I myself am the eldest grandson of Nelson Chandler (d 2011), of those having the sir-name "Chandler", here, and i have never asked nor received any funds, lands , nor even much news about his estate. As i plan to live for at least another 30 years, as a remnant of his life and his estate, I will ask $350,000 as a sum befitting the eldest grandson of a family that will leave no heir to carry that name (of this clan); none if i nor my younger brother nor some few adult male cousins ever do have children by that name and blood-line .

     I do not necessarily begrudge any whom may have rushed to 'usurp' such monies though i believe the fact has put my own safety and succes in much jeopardy, at many times without my knowing it. Further, some decisions of my own father (one Pete Chandler) have previously put me to much defame and inconvenience (in my opinion) that it is befitting he be named as a co-defendant, and it leaves me no recourse now save legal attempts. This statement of lawsuit is merely a prudent thing to do though i feel some threat of risk, to my self and safety, in trying it .

     As i said, it is no personal begrudgement to any persons listed here, at this point, but is simply an attempt to protect my future and have better chances from a due course of events, with regard to a man whom had said he was "The First Local Employee" of Murray Ohio manufacturing, as to when 'their office' came down from Cleveland Ohio (he himself their driver in his own local 'taxi-cab' business). And Ruby, the dear sweet deaconess of her church and chef of a daycare center for 30 years; cut down in the prime of life by a strange trafic assault against the couple, near the turn of the century . May she Rest in Peace .

     I will list a group of witnesses and family members to receive a copy of this letter . Your concern is appreciated .

Thank You, signed
Wm Tharon Chandler

 cc; Brian Chandler, of Lawrenceburg Fire Department
cc: Mr Kyle Chandler, of Lawrence County Tennesse
cc: Mr Cleveland Chandler; now of Melbourne, Florida
cc: Ms Stacie Powell, Lawrence County TN
cc: Mr Anthony Parks Chandler; Lawrenceburg
cc: Ms Stephany Chandler (daughter of Ricky Chandler)
cc; Diane Mayberry Chandler , et al
cc; Ms Tracie Chandler Story, Chandler Insurance
cc: Mr Robert Johnson, (Husband of Joyce Chandler J)
cc; Mr Roger Chandler (Joanna)
cc: Ms Katie B Keaton , Lawrence County Tennessee
cc; Mr Alan Betz; City Attorney, Lawrenceburg Tennessee

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