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The 'First Gulf War '

The First 'Gulf War' (1991); When did it end ? 
A Report from Mr W T Chandler on 29 May of 2015 .

Friends, I, Tharon Chandler as a Veteran and as a 'War Time service Veteran' of the 'First Gulf War', (1991), will write about some parameters from that vantage point,  as I am reading a very thoughtful and concise 'guide' for veterans; titled 'Cal-Vet'.  First let me say that the technical jargon (in layman's terms) tends to want to 'weed out' more beneficiaries than it includes; though perhaps that is proper with regard to the specific human classification, and I offer my own info only as a man whom is educated enough to write about it and who certainly can be included within the confusion about 'whom is eligible for Veterans Benefits'.  And nextly, on this, let me say that any normal person in need would be better served by any local benefit system for the public (or truly better by any local system that was operating under an open market and not a planned economy) ; an economy not ruined by the speculation and belittling and profit taking inherent of the USA .   After all, what more could one gain by being included as a VA beneficiary; what more than a dorm room among injured veterans and a small pay no larger than SSD with SSI ?  The book (compliments of Gov Gerry Brown) lists many things but perhaps I am not eligible.  What do I remember ?  I know that my 'active duty' service was a span from February 12 of 1991 to November 25 of 1991 (9 months active) and that my DD214 reflects that as well as the status denoted as 'Honorable Discharge' (according to a Command Major Susan Meyer).  I know I served at Ft Sill Oklahoma and in Vilseck, West Germany, while on active duty status (classified as in 'War time' as best I can determine). 

Some questions remain about the 'time-span' of the 'First Gulf War' and then certainly about a cluster of symptoms known as 'gulf war syndrome' and to deal with the latter thought firstly I, a man known as Tharon Chandler will say, that the problem persists not so specificly to men as had served in the specific theatre (denoted as 'south-west Asia') but by all men whom received such 'innoculations' or 'Army shots' while going through 'Basic Training' at the exciting time leading up to combat (Desert Sheild and then Desert Storm) and by the men whom interacted with Soldiers returning from that denoted Theatre.  And by those parameters I, Tharon Chandler, am without a doubt a 'war-time Veteran' and I had or still do now suffer from 'gulf war syndrome' .  Many people know this about me (though everyone wants to just be normal, and not have been injured) and many people imagine or presume I myself must be in receipt of Veterans benefits or they presume I am still in the Army .  Others hint that someone has 'stolen my benefit' and/ or my 'medical POA (power of attorney)'  and perhaps other such benefits and that the culprit is my own younger brother (influenced by a powerful and corrupt catholic mafia, in secret).  Can I , myself, Mr Wm Tharon Chandler overcome such a terrible fate ?  My friend I must . 

From encyclopedia online, RE: The Gulf War (2 August 1990 – 28 February 1991), codenamed Operation Desert Shield (2 August 1990 – 17 January 1991), for operations leading to the buildup of troops and defense of Saudi Arabia and Operation Desert Storm (17 January 1991 – 28 February 1991) in its combat phase... 

I, Tharon Chandler from Lawrenceburg, myself recall I signed the contract at Memphis, on 17 January of 1991 (recruited by a Sergeant named Brummond, I believe) and was flown to Oklahoma on February 12.  I recall that we, soldiers in basic training received many special  'vaccinations' and that we later  had an episode of severe sickness with cough, effecting every man in those barracks at Ft Sill and that every man then had to take additional cures on location.  Though in a 'controlled environment' at Ft Sill we had access to news and reports (in addition to our special war-time training {in the 13 MOS series}) and the first we heard that the USA was winning inevitably was in early May, of 1991 (as we were scheduled to graduate on May 23 after 15 weeks of special and intense training). 

I, Mr William Th Chandler, the author of this entire note, graduated with high scores on 23 May of 1991 and, after 2 weeks leave, was flown to a duty station at Rein Main airbase in Frankfurt, Germany (along with some friends from basic) and then I was parceled out to Bavaria (where I served with a USA  platoon just returning from OPERATION DESERT SHEILD / Storm), and I served there through the summer, (and I had a Girlfreind from Ost Deuthcheland), and then I managed somehow to get myself released from active duty, and to return to USA for the time of 'Thanksgiving', via Ft Dix on November 25 (amid a lot of 'draw-down' among the US Army numbers and amid many problems and complaints, among the soldiers there, about 'gulf war syndrome').  Thanks or no Thanks .

An humble and honest report to You, from,
Mr William Tharon Chandler 
on 29 March of year 2015 

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