Sunday, May 3, 2015

Unconstitutional Government in 2015

An Opinion of Tharon Chandler

The Oligarchy government of 2015 USA is UnConstitutional, Unfair, Cruel and unsustainable; as the credit bubbles grown larger (Insider $peculation unchekd)  , the poverty deeper and increasing numbers of new foreign bodies landing on our shores; yet here is no new planning nor strategies in effect at the street level and the country is being bought out from under the native inhabitants by a few world wealthy; Jewish, Korean, Pot Farmers, Big Agri-business and Chinese.  Iraqi's now have most of the US Cab-Driver jobs.  Why are so many people (black and/ or white tribe people) destitute on the sidewalk; not only on the 20th day and 30 days per month but also on the second or third when any civilized nation would have made some sort of preparations for releif ??????  I'm Not simply a Marxist and I'm not just  'all - set', as some lie and say about Me.

Never before have any sovereign people stood for such theft of the Land, Arrogantly High Prices in the supermarkets, abuse of the poor and misappropriation of authority and it is similar in circumstances to the beginning of every large War (WW 1 & II), the Spanish Civil War, The Mexican War for Independence and the Viet Nam War.  Further, No Matter of 'Gender Equality' nor striving for Racial Equality will help the problem economic,  (a rotten banana cannot be enjoyed by dividing the portions differently).  It is a matter of 'Organized Crime' against the middle classes of USA and Europe, and it is being fomented toward  Asia (Philippines, Kampuchea, Thailand); though their leaders have a much more Active Democracy, with regard to reform (or in their desire to reform their Elections  for the benefit of their people.  Is it a matter of 'homegeniety'?

Mr Barak Obama wants to Teach Law?  (when he gets finished with what he is doing now) ?  Freind he needs to Start NOW via teaching the 'Glass-Steagall Act' of 1932, which became the 1933 Banking Act and he needs to observe the RICO Laws (1970 - 72) as modern Wall Street banking is nothing less than organized Crime against a Majority of people and seemingly the culprits cannot understand what it is doing to their fellow black and white countrymen.  They could have a slicker strategy if they could get thousands of unfortunate homeless (visibly) off the streets of great cities such as San Diego, Los Angeles, Albany, New Haven, Denver, Boise, and Nashville .  Do you imagine those people are simply fools?  I respect their rights to stay.
Freind do you imagine that those many people laid out on the sidewalks of too many cities such as Little Rock, Phoenix, and Portland are just 'born crazy' or else simply addicted to dangerous illegal Drugs?  That they wouldn't like to get up and go home if they had any such thing?  That they wouldn't store their bags properly in a 'small fee locker', sometimes; instead of piling up with two back-packs or a push cart of all their worldly posesions; some grey blankets, teddy bears, and bottles of pee on the sidewalk of San Diego? 

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