Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Ballot Integrity and Access for Candidates

An important Note from Mr Tharon Chandler to the US Supreme Court; and to
Tennessee Secretary of State;  State of New York, Elections;  &  Legal Bar of Missouri
Regarding Access of Candidates for the official ballot(s)
Freinds, just as we now Demand that Everyone have 'The Right to Vote'  in our country now, (the Most important concept in the debate about 'racism') the same concept must hold true with regard of any/ every willing Candidate to be legally and properly listed on the election ballot (as they so desire and that they be identified properly there, as they desire).   In this quest for my own candidacy in 2016, specificly; i must offer an example from 2008 in Missouri, or,  'The time I ran against Roy Blunt'.   Our country is in a crises of election integrity even as some continue 'as if' normal.
Freinds, in my educated opinion, senator Roy Blunt stands on the shoulders of corrupt Lobbyists to include 'The Nation of Isreal' and the U.S. Tobacco giants / killers to include Phillip Morris Corp.  Further they are involved in 'Trade Deals' to solidify this mass murder and i know Two Sheriff's were mudered there in Missouri, when i lived there in 2007/ 2008.  Then, when i tried to stand Up for my country in the best and only way i could , by being listed as a Candidate (and a man for All People , there).   They took my money at the 'qualification event' for the Democrat Primary (at Jefferson City in early 2008) , strung me along in the proceedings and then they (Roy Blunt and secretary Robin Carnahan) promptly erased all mention of my qualification and my valid candidacy, months in anticipation.  Further they Lied and Slandered me down in the press records , falsely and need i remind you of the Two Dead Sheriffs killed at odds with them in 2007/ 08; and recently state auditor Tom Shweik; etc.  Freinds Roy Blunt is a dangerous killer (in effects whether without proof) and i must compete for my very life in attempts to gain any semblance of fairness and integrity and it really isn't about 'a state flag', anywhere ; it is about the Integrity of elections and inclusion of those willing help our country / those outside of just the weell fed Lobbyist Elites.
Freinds we are each in consideration of the history and the future of our beloved country and i know that the integrity of our future depends upon the integrity of, and access to our ballots and in people cooperating as they are , without pretention , without slander , and without being listed under the name of a rich man with a similar name; simply so big wigs such as Marsha Blackburn can raise and spend money from the Cigarette Tobacco Lobby , the Nation Isreal , and other killers .   My Name is known as 'Tharon Chandler' and begging the pardon of that rich man in Memphis named  'William Chandler', and my own father of a similar name; i am the only one running my campaign and i would hope that they wouldn't want to be me or to pretend they are any part of the same business (though i know i can never recover all that has been taken from me under the law as it has been).

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