Sunday, July 5, 2015

Black on white Discrimination ?

From Mr Tharon Chandler on 5 July; to the most influential people i know; relevent to the situation.  Please read and consider what next ?
Friends i thank you for reading, when you do and today i have to ask myself,  'did i just walk away selfishly' in an Education program where i spent One Hundred Thousand Dollars ($100,000) of Federal Student Loan money in the late 1990's ?  That's 100 Thousand that i borrowed and spent myself, it is still due and owed by me to the federal student loan program; and i could have used that opportunity for so many different things.   Was it the fault of 'the black people' down in Memphis, that i was not let to finish the objective? ?  Was it the fault of the Ku Klux Klan ?  I need to say it because Memphis City was the obvious place to use my credential (and the only district in Tennessee i would have ever planned to work in Education).  And now the whole economy and market for jobs is gone down to the pit.
The MAT 'Program' at Memphis recruited me in, during the mid 1990's (with the objective of my teaching for some years at an inner Memphis school).  I was capable, provenly so, and I would have loved it; to make the money also.  I begged them at many times to let me start already; besides just substitute teaching, of which i was very good, but that is professionally dangerous and like working hard rather than smart.  Now, not only did i get all mangled up in my career quest but some other white teachers, willing to be qualified and work in Memphis schools, as recruited were MURDERED at proximity to Memphis, and in the end i must tell you that it was the fault of None other than Mr Vance Rugaard, of TN Dept. of Education along with some senior Members of the Memphis Education faculty because they were in the position of 'needing grad students' to fund their program but then they were not able to oversome the 'Black on white Racism' of the people getting paid to watch those class-rooms (UNQualified).    
The real trick in the end was to get that state license (and i had earned it even in amid much hostility from  my old home front, hostility comming toward the administration at various levels, and a teacher who came here knew about that).  It was Mr John wilde and his wife.  He was willing to try to go against the corruption and i wonder if he is still alive ?   I went to Nashville many times to get license, that i had earned and paid for (except for the deadly roadblocks near the end).   Does it ammount to Dangerous black racism and could that have been alleviated (and lives spared) by Mr Vance Rugaard ?   That was all 17 years ago but still they committed negligence that costs me and killed my freinds.  Was it the fault of Steve Cohen ?  I hope that each of those tagged here can get a chance to read this though certainly some are freind and some are foe.

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