Saturday, September 5, 2015


Is Marsha Blackburn Fair and Honest?

Well now as it is time for me to try and live instead of Die (at the hands or the decisions of cruel Republicans in USA) I choose to Run for public office in a district of TN and so then I will face a choice of content or strategy against the opponent , incumbent and in this case my top opponent will be Representative Marsha Blackburn.  Do I know anything really bad or dirty about her personally?  My answer to that question would be that I choose to focus on Policy , much more than on personality, with regard to political contests though here I must say that she has  a large  Advantage personally based on questionable (and cruel) political tactics. 

The ilk of Marsha Blackburn use cruel tactics such as Gerrymandering, partition of the districts to her electoral advantage and that of the wealthy against the poor minorities (against poor persons of color whom together would comprise an obvious majority of voters in the District).

In the Race for the 7th district I can't promise you as to what I could do if elected to office though I promise you we will resist the Unfair Advantage of wealthy and cruel republicans.  We will fight for fairness in a US 'Social Security' system that does not belong to them.  We will seek fairness in Agriculture opportunities and farm business for all types or people and all size of investment for the poor and unemployed.  And we will seek fairness in the electoral process for our candidates to be listed properly on the ballots and our votes to be counted properly in the elections . 

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