Saturday, September 19, 2015

Senator Andrew 'AA' Alexander, of Tennessee ?

RE; Andrew Lamar Alexander, Jr. (born July 3, 1940)
1 Message from Mr Tharon Chandler to the Tennessee Secretary of State , 2015
RE; William Tharon Chandler,  (born Sept 14, 1967 )
Friends few states are lucky enough to have had a public servant such as Senator Lamar Alexander , in view of partisan politics and a ´rotating Representative government´ as it was designed by the historical framers of our US Constitution and such history is taken very seriously by the curators of our government in Tennessee.  Notwithstanding the fact, as i believe myself, that Mr Alexander was USED just a bit too long as of the election in 2014.  He had served his time and it is a fault of the People of Tennessee and certainly the Tennessee government that someone had not been trained up , special enough, to have unselfishly run to win that seat from him ,  retiring him galantly from the feild of service rather than becomming so obvious a specter in the need for reform, in the need of Term Limits, and in the need for fair and honest Elections in Tennesee.  ¿ Fair and Honest, in Tennessee?  Let me ask you another question .
What if the former ´Secretary of State´ (as of the time when ´Lamar´was walking the byways and running to be the 45th Governor of Tennessee, and more importantly the´news men´ of the day were constantly trying to skewer his reputation , his identity , and his viability as a candidate by Always calling him  Ándrew´, in the public Press? (against his natural inclination and the way he had been known of by his oldest freinds)?   Would someone try and get in the way of that lad and tell him ´NO´, that his name is legally Ándrew ´and so they will hound him and confuse others about the race ?
My situation is one where i did well enough to survive with what i had (against just a bit of persecution from the local powers and some belittling from people far and away in Advantage of myself) and yet when i started doing some important things then some persons wanted ´to give the credit´ to someone else.  I´m afraid that Ms Marsha Blackburn NEEDS an opponent (for the 7th district of TN) but that She would prefer it be a Rich man from Memphis named ´William´ (so they could all just share the Secret proceeds together, among old freinds).  There is much, much more against ´fairness and honestly´ than i can point to right now but i understand what our government was designed to be and the dire, dire need of a good and honest candidate coming up in Tennessee .
cc, to Gov Phil Bredesen ,  cc, Secretary Tre´ Hargett, cc, Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn
cc, to Green Party Candidate Ms Cynthis McKinney ,  cc, Tn Rep Ms Barbara Cooper,  cc, Tn Rep Brother Moses Love , jr

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