Sunday, December 25, 2016

The FUND to Elect- Tharon Chandler

The Fund to Elect- Tharon Chandler ;

Donations support Open Government and Transparent Political Campaigns, Public Campaign Financing, and efforts to 
END Corruption in Journalism, Law, and Medicine.
Tharon Chandler will Vote to-
  • Stop Funding War
  • Improve opportunities for middle class Farming, Housing, veterans, food, shelter and social Opprtunities
  • Build 'Backpacker Hotels' for Veterans and Homeless Singles, in TN and every state of the USA
  • Prosecute 'White Collar Crime' at all levels
  • Support Charities such as St Jude Hospital and Ronald McDonald House
Please go online to find the 'Go Fund Me' app and see my page, and 
please donate $5 to $500 via credit or debit card.  All proceeds go to the needy, including myself.

Also you may simply hand me a donation at any time, and even list yourself as 'Anonymous' by your Gift.

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