Thursday, January 26, 2012

all quiet on the western front ?

A recent AOL report video took issue with retiring Secretary of State Hillary R Clinton, and her spoken position in regard to the possible 'legalization of drugs' in response to the problems in Mexico (many unsolved murders of Mexican men and other dead journalists). The report cited the reality of 'supply and demand' in the United States for illegal drugs with regard to the dangers, killings, and high prices associated with illegal drugs such as Heroin, cocaine, and marijuana. Ms Clinton maintained that such drugs 'should not' be legalized. My own statement to you is that far too many good mexican men are being murdered under the auspices of a 'Drug War", and it certainly does play into the hand of a few horny, wealthy American men who like to have some bonita conchita (pretty mexican girls).

In my personal experience the moreno men of Mexico would not ordinarily be Any more deserving of death or persecution than any white American nor any black Negro. They exhibit a strong work ethic, much respect for each other, and quite a Tolerance for gringoes who come there to have sex with their women. The men of mexico (and thus the proportion of mexican people living/ working in the southern united states) are no 'quicker' toward questionable violence than are any race of human beings, in my experience; yet many Mexican young men and older hombres are being slaughtered; north and south of the Mexican/ US border. One point to notice is that it does leave a higher proportion of potentially 'single' mexican women and that the characteristics of those women are preferred by a cross section of caucasian men (and Women); though the mexican women do Not naturally prefer foreign Men (nor foreign Women). any problem that any person might inflict upon themself (such as dangerous drug usage) is nothing in comparison to a lot of good men (and also other journalists) being murdered at a rapid and continuous rate.

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