Wednesday, January 4, 2012

US Embassy, Manila

Tharon Chandler
10:51 AM ; 5 January 2012

to FBU.manila, AskDOJ, elizabeth, editor,

Dear Sir or Mam at US Social Security- Philippines,

I plan to meet with someone at your office, later today, and here i offer some information in attempts to have a more productive meeting. It is a difficult decision i face to try and live here, rather than to return to the USA (Washington State, Tennessee, California, Kansas). My time here has been spent mostly in Davao and though i still am Homeless I have been in this country since August 7, of 2011. Some freinds here insist that i get proper 'papers' for 'marrying a Filipina' in the future and i think that Could help solve many problems that have beset my life before. I hope i can sound sensible and succinct in my communication and that our mutual endeavors will be successful.

I am a Victim of some type of 'Identity Theft' and i have reason to believe that those perpetrators have involved my own brother (a man two- years younger than myself and quite similar in appearance). There is a terrible 'mafia' present in the Tennessee town where i grew up and I have reason to believe that They try to pretend that 'he is me' and/ or that i myself am the person of my brother; in some socio-economic circles and vice-versa. They have tampered with US Mail to include important correspondence to me from the University of Memphis (my alma mater- May 94 and graduate school through 2001). Now, their motive in the 'Identity Theft' they have perpetrated does include their greed for money as might include some un-received inheritance that I should be eligible for; in my suspicion it includes their organized crime with regard to High Politics, money laundering, graft, insurance fraud and other Bank scandals; all unknown to me. If I could prove their wrongdoing i might try but most people are afraid of those groups and several people have been murdered at proximity. Some of the better people at University of Memphis were aware of what was happening to me but they worked there and were also afraid. Some of the worse people there are among the perpetrators that I speak of; dangerously. They ruined my career for many years and though i do have a physical disability, as recorded and resounded by medical doctors and other administrators; my largest problem previously was those bad people ruining my career from their highly political connection network (it's the old South and I wanted to teach at an inner-city high school; a classmate of mine in grad school was murdered at her home while i attended at UM, and I believe she was killed by some of the same perpetrators that I mention). Now, I have lived on Social Security disability and SSI since September of 2007.

If i do remain here to live, as I intend to tell you today, i hope I can receive SS benefits until such time as I might gain lucrative employment, here or elsewhere; and i pray that those benefits will not be less in value than i receive now monthly. Your consideration is appreciated. Thanks.

W. T. Chandler

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