Tuesday, July 3, 2012

JR gone Vacation

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TC Says;  The United State medical field is Full of blood-thirsty 'doctors' (quacks) whom will $teal money from the US Government (and also body tissue);  from millions of poor homeless 'patients'.  What are they doing with the blood and tissue ? Eating it ? The US Supreme court justice made the only proper decision and now he has fled (just for a vacation, i'm sure . ) .

Re:  John Roberts has reached his " impregnable island fortress."
The U.S. Supreme Court's chief justice arrived at the Mediterranean island of Malta on Tuesday, where he will be teaching a class for two weeks.
If anyone desperately needs an island getaway, it's Roberts.
Since casting the key vote to uphold President Barack Obama's health care law, he has been bombarded with fiery criticism from conservative politicians and pundits.
Speculation about why Roberts voted with the liberal side of the court reached a fever pitch on Sunday when CBS reported that Roberts had switched his vote.
Then on Tuesday, a Supreme Court source told Salon that Roberts actually wrote much of the dissent, as well as the majority opinion.
Confusion reigns!

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