Thursday, July 19, 2012

Social Belittling Inside of Facebook

Fact:  Facebook is the largest social development in 1,000 years and some people are  using it to belittle others; from inside of the Administrative network.

It is true that the computer concept everyone now knows as 'facebook' is merely a computer program or software development that could be duplicated and called something else in a slightly different version; just as we previously had 'Atari' video games and 'coleco tennis' for home TV and we already have other options such as 'Yahoo Messenger' and freindster and many types of blogs and social networks online.  Yet the truth remains that 'Facebook' is the most Important thing that ever happened in the lives of many millions of youngsters; youngsters large and small, black brown and white.  And, if something goes wrong inside that programme or somehow a given individual cannot access 'their site' or somehow just theirs isn't working then it can cause a personal panic and it can cause depression and distress in that particular youth whether they deserved it or not.  Further this can be 'caused' from 'Inside' of facebook; caused either by 'neglect' of specific duties on the part of an admin or on purpose by someone purposely distorting photographs and 'Limiting' the access and freinding functions for a targeted individual, as might be done by others whom are simply trying to steal money from a kid or they have said or done something wrong in the education or legal administration of that persons life and they don't want it known to a larger social network.   

Did you ever wonder who might be inside of there (inside the online technical administration and 'site governance' of 'facebook' ?  Some business pros are still trying to figure out 'how' to make money via facebook and 'Whether' they will even be able to but anyway it is not just a magic mystery that is held together with 'hope' and love and 'likes' and pictures of others.  It is online and it requires administrators at various portals and we the public have not heard near as much about that part of it. 

It was Early in my presence on Facebook , just as an individual, that i realized someone in there is manipulating the few rare picture images i was able to 'upload'.  And then there was someone sending messages from inside that were 'Warning' me about freinding activity with 'strangers' ?  Who does that ?  And it seemed to intensify with whatever social network i was freinding 'In Real Life'.  So we know there are 'local administrators' whom might be 'jealous'.   Human traits are also human traits online.    I am open-minded about whom is a freind (online) so long as they ask me nicely and they are not involved in any look of violence, nor drugs, nor obvious nudity and Sex; online.  Truly some people have never been 'safer' than with the local awareness of their presence online.  And it never hurt a 'stranger' to make a few more freinds.  The fact is that some people are 'belittling' others 'in real life' and using them under financial and social 'advantage' and so they try and  'keep up the pressure', even online though it is much more difficult to do so and it can be traced to see who is causing it.  So stop causing it, if you are doing that.


cc: Honorable Mark Zuckerberg
cc: Honorable Charlie Rose
cc: Honorable Bob Corker

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