Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Pre- Nuptual Agreement

06 September 2012; Mindanao 

This paper is a pre- wedding- arrangement between myself, Mr William Tharon Chandler, and my proposed bride along with the family of Ms Maricel Dampasan.    Myself, William Tharon Chandler, age 44, being of sound mind and body and hailing originally from the central Tennessee region of USA, do plan to marry the maiden Ms Maricel Dampasan; 22yrs of age and from Delapa, Quezon, Bukidnon, with a wedding date planned for December 13 of 2012.  This would / will be the very first marriage for either party. 

A point of this agreement, to be signed by me and by the bride- to- be among other witnesses to this agreement, is that no unexpected transfer of any significant monies nor properties can take place without my own personal approval to include my written and verbal statements; not by the fact of my marriage to a spouse nor any unknown specter.  Further i will allow no other person to represent me in such matters.  I have Never willingly or knowingly or without undue force against me surrendered my own 'power of attorney' to anyone, nor would i ever in any matters of money nor lands, nor other properties.  I say this because i believe myself to be a victim of thieves in the USA, with regard to some such matters, and i would want to protect my wife from such undue exertion in every such matter. 

So, by this signed agreement, whatever is mine presently would remain mine regardless of my marital status (single, married, or divorced) and thereby my marriage will give no cause to anyone whom would secretly be willing to rob me or take anything from me by means of  physical force, legal prowess, and/ or due diligence.

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