Thursday, October 4, 2012

Grace P

Tharon Chandler

That is a great and Amazing article about Ms Grace P  and it inspires me to commend the Pinoy people for zealous participation in public events.  From the photo on the front page of today's Manila Bulletin i say that Governor Padaca is a Cute looking lady and i bet she's a spitfire when the chips are down.  Hey ha; truly i mean no disrespect and i want to mention what a great opportunity you all have at the beginning of a renewed and vibrant economy in a country so good because you continue to have many babies and you have a broad array of people and natural resources that is not yet confiscated into just a few hands . 

In USA the Business of politics is so dirty, corrupt, and dangerous that the Only people involved are the few whom are running 'the machine', and some whom are rather young, idealistic and naive,  and then some whom are 'forced to Run for their lives'.  See the big contenders are not content with the just the meager salary of $175,000 per year (times 41=php= more than i have ever made in total of the past ten yrs)  but they must get someone to run against them so they can tap in to all the Big Corporate campaign finance and contributions from wealthy polluters and pimps. 

While some people of the Philippines have Never even been 'registered to vote' (due to their remote environment and lack of education) , The best response that many registered Americans have is to simply 'not vote' as a way to show their own dis-satisfaction.  And you just watch the count; less than 33% of the registered voters will vote in the 2012 election for US President, and that is a tally that should be rendered moot for non-participation of the populace.  

I admire your zeal in the Philippines and i ask you to not let all your resources be taken into just a few hands.

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