Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Chandler's Intuition

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Tharon Chandler; Mindanao Philippines; 24 October 2012

In my life i believe there has been Plenty of potential Danger in my goals of my true education and world enlightenment, even among a lot of normal times and good people, and that i have avoided danger and death by prudence and presumption.  I rarely speak of death and danger yet we are in a world and a nation where many die each year and many foreigner might face danger according to the decision they make .  As i don't know how long my amazing adventure here in SEA will continue i certainly am inspired to continue my writing as I am very inspired by so many great writers around me; today's inspiration coming in the 'Mindanao Times', newspaper of Davao city .  Thanks for the inspiration and specificly the updates about the Comelec decisions here as that is ultimately the most important news for any Democracy; about the Improvement of election procedures in the freedom to elect our own representatives in a 'Representative Democracy' or a Republic.  My question for today, for all the  Leaders in the Philippines whom i truly do appreciate and admire, is whether they believe their own Government is in fact a 'Republic' or 'representative democracy' and whether they deem their own populace Smart enough to elect ample representatives when they are free to do so?   Also I need to speak comparatively of my own election attempts and associated opportunities.

Certainly here is unparrelelled pride in serving their own country, in national and provincial and local government, here in 2012, and much talk about previous abuse of the people by the Government (most famously the Marcos Dictatorship and  'Marshal Law' in the early 1980's and then the Assasination of Nonoy Aquino in those years), and presently very much protection and revamp of their  election system with large personalities and great names to include Mr "Sixto Brillantes" (the current Comelec chairman) and a Senate probe into the "legitimacy" of some of the 'party list groups'.  There has been the prosecution and encarceration, here in 2012 of a Former President and also a Supreme Court Justice.  Currently and Importantly there is daily  the public 'elimination' of so called extraneous political parties and opponents of 'the Administration' (Benigno Aquino 3).  Let me say I love it; that i am fortunate to be here in witness of this time and i appreciate the persons and the Press and that it does me good, for myself at least,  to compare my own experience and to exercise my intuition.   I have been lucky here.  Amen .

Previously in My own experience i had been persecuted terribly in an era when the United States went from being a wealthy and protected country to a near bankrupt police state.  Students whom came after my time (my 9 years in college) have been beaten up by police at University of California (there in 2011) and more quietly disincluded at many colleges across the land.  One reason is because of the down-slide of the US economy (among inherent fascist tendancies of the right-wing and right-left political party) and the resultant reduction of funds available for state sponsored Education.  When such a 'martial law '  situation comes down it is then the 'local henchman' that may then act upon their own selfishness and traits of 'revenge' against any childhood disagreement; more personally .  Then the options of Jail and 'prison for profit' bring in a new terror to any 'civil activists'; the sort of needful disobedience made famous by H.D. Thoreau (1854) and acted out in 2012 by the 'Occupy Movement' in USA.  In my own life i had no real Natural Flaws though that is what fascists do is they try to make it personal (and more beneficial to Themselves )  in any matter ; and this 'hidden trait'   or latent style comes out in some people when somehow they are 'given the chance ' to make it happen .   My question is whether the Pinoy are now acting out a long dormant trait or whether they will more perfect a free and open government.  As for myself I had a lot of good freinds when i was young and in young adulthood .  Then that joy was taken away by jealous fascists.   Now i enjoy it again;  here in your country.   Young ladies are mildly glad to meet me and the then the same one's like me day after day, no matter how close we get or other concerns; unless and until they are obstructed in this by a jealous fascist working slyly.   I have not hurt any ladies, nor myself, nor any kids, nor taken anyone where they didn't want to go, and there has never been any danger of anything like that on my part.  Can i someday get elected to office in USA ?  That depends on whether it is worth the trouble to me  and whether i need the money and personal effects of it .   Peace to you.

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