Wednesday, October 17, 2012

No road Map ???

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In this time of great progress and yet wide poverty I ask you would the Fil-Ams and the world work toward a true and lasting Improvement if they could see it Clearly ?  The Recent Peace Agreement between the Aquino Administration and the Muslims of Mindanao is an amazing accomplishment for one generation in Asia and can be a successful example if it is truly a step toward Genuine Satisfaction for a greater number of people involved and, pertaining to that i will mention a  'satisfaction quotient'.  

I want to ask ask You all, and also POTUS,  if you agree that all the many- many Poor of the United States and Asia and Russia are not just a bunch of 'Loosers' , as the 'Fox News'  TV coverage has recently portrayed, said.   All People need basic food, shelter and social belonging and the key is Not necessarily to have a lot of new super-malls and Highway Construction.  The USA is a perfect modern  example that 'financial Progress' Does Not lead to a broader 'happiness quotient' and i submit to you that all of the so-called 'loosers' and 'freedom fighters' and 'rebels' , environmentalists and Independents and  'Reds' are the last 'stop-gap' between a people trying to survive basicly and conversely a 'runaway worldwide corporation' that will not stop until it kills, starves, rapes and Plunders the last proper social dignitary that has survived.

People need land ,  just as God gave us the ability to use the land and I submit to you that the necessary 'Road Map' to worldwide peace and Satisfaction involves a system to offer land-leases and food subsidies to 'small farmers in educated and incentivised groups'  While it  also 'Taxes Progressively' the Hogs whom are Stealing the Land and that are presently stealing the food and the Chiks .   I'm very Thankful to all the willing public administrators and i realize that no one wants to work for free (though many people are willing to work for food).  

Who else can see it clearly that stealing the food and the people from the 0thers is not fair, it is not proper, and it should be illegal ?  Thank you and please consider a 'road map to progress'.

cc: Dr Albert Rosario
     Ms Jill Stein ; Green Party;  U.S. Presidential Candidate 2012 , (currently Encarcerated, still?)
     Mr Robert Rubinski
     Ms Suzanne Malveau
cc: Louisiana State University 
     Jimmy Hoffa  University
     University of Hong Kong

cc: US Department of Agriculture
     Philippines Department of Agrarian Reform (defunct?)

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