Friday, October 12, 2012

Recto's Report/ up in smoke

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The Inspiration continues to come from the Manila Bulletin and other Pinoy Newspapers in the country that i have dubbed 'more human than human'; the latest news pertaining to a controverial bill considering the  'sin tax'.  Perhaps i should better say 'more American than America', in my comparison to such problems and provisions in the USA, though here in Asia the personalities are even more historical or the positions more 'hereditary'.   From Saturday' Manila Bulletin-

{" The Senate  will decide that.”
[JP Enrile] said the sponsorship speech of Recto, grandson of the late nationalist Sen. Claro M. Recto, “is one of the finest sponsorship speeches I have heard.” 

The [other news] criticisms include allegations that lobby funds from the stakeholders – cigarette and alcohol industries – influenced the committee report.
MalacaƱang (Aquino Adm.)  and the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) did not hide their dissatisfaction over the Recto committee report as it recommended a lesser annual revenue from their own versions of the bill. }

Let me, TC says,  offer to you some info about US Congress in that the 'Cigarette Makers' are one of the largest 'trouble makers' back in the provinces ,  towns, and residential districts of USA; often sponsoring a sort of upscale and special privaledge prostitution of women, in my opinion, and they play themselves 'against the Lawyers' (as against the many lawyers whom are often trying to soak them) .  Some people there might hate the  Tobacco industry and yet like or need the 'balance' they pose against the local and national Lawyers and their clubs and the 'personal privaledge' and liberties some of them do take (and then their paranoid ass cover the lawyers take in the Universities) ; as the 'Tobacco People'  conversely employ some 'huge' Lawyers and lobbiests and local bars.  As for my own concern i have No vested interest in Tobacco nor Alcohol (Booze) and i have spoken in favor of Taxing them (even while they naturally oppose some specific lawyers in Tennessee whom have assaulted my own life personaly ).  To me it is not just about 'taking sides' though that is Too Often how polirtics works .     TC
{The Recto committee report stated that it hoped to collect about P15 billion to P20 billion annually from the excise taxes on cigarettes and alcohol. The MalacaƱang version (conversely) hoped to collect about P60 billion annually. The House of Representatives-approved bill eyed a P31-billion annual revenue take. / Manila Bulletin}

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