Wednesday, July 4, 2012

my sister's husband ?

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As i have never even mentioned it though it certainly needed to be discussed i am now willing to tell you some about the man my own sister married.  I guess you would care only in as much as a normal person would care for a stranger, and i Thank You for your consideration.  I had been living a normal average life, was in my late 20's and making good grades in graduate school and i was a manager for a successful landscape company in Germantown Tennessee.  Truly it was no fault of mine when my entire life then slid down the drain for some reason i could only guess.  The fact is that the development began a gradual and marked decline for my mother, my brother and myself in what i can recall as just one of the worst happenstance  that could  possibly have  happened, for me.  

I'm never jealous and i wouldn't have cared whom she married, only that she was my sister and i would have enjoyed a normal family.  We were always very normal; my brother and i were good freinds for 25 years though now we never even speak to each other.  He is two years younger and looks just like me; maybe better, but he has never had normal relations with any variety of others since that time.  You see the man my sister married is noted to be a part of a Mafia; his father built a business right beside the biggest known Italian garment maker in a rural road; a man known to have too much money for such a small , American town.  One or both the brothers of my sisters husband just loved the glamour and mistique of that tone for their life.  They have all three been through a Divorce, both his brothers and him before.  The man had two teen-age children when he married my young beautiful sister.  Though she and i were never too close my sister was as healthy as a Horse and had been a star basket-ball player in High School.   She could have had children by a pool of good men; a good pool before he and his mafia decided they could get her.  He had had a historectomy or was gelded and so they had complications for pregnancy.  She loves her children and they are sweet though they each have problems, and i never had a chance to know them.  We were all healthy and congenial, me and my siblings,  before they married and now we are all stunted in life.  They used my father's business wrongfully, also, he said.   

The worst part of that problem for me is that it seemingly never ends, not with me still alive and with any relationship outside their circle; (which is the only type of relationship i would ever seek). 

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